To provide culturally and linguistically competent services to families affected by crime and homelessness.


To continue supporting, by the provision of services, the efforts of individuals to be free of violence and homelessness. We seek to continue providing services to women and children within the El Paso area who have been traditionally underserved. So far, La Posada Home has served 23.5% of the families with children staying in TLCs in El Paso.

La Posada home, inc. provides services for up to 26 families at a time, 95 people in total it provides, on average, 12,775 units of service a year. A unit of service consists of one day of shelter per person, with meals, clothing, and access to crucial services. It has assisted more than 1,500 people on their road to independence.

La Posada strives to produce a safe environment where residents may gain a sense of self-worth and the skills necessary to assume emotional and financial responsibility for his/herself and their families.

Residents in La Posada are taught to improve their ability to communicate, cooperate and work effectively, so that they can develop and accomplish long-term goals toward self-sufficiency.


Once accepted into La Posada’s Home, residents receive counseling to discuss their needs, hopes, and goals, so that an array of services can be offered to help meet them. The home also encourages families to assume responsibility and recognize the importance of providing stability for healthy physical and mental development of their children.