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Meet Our Volunteers and Interns

A million thanks to our volunteers and interns who willingly  give out their time, effort and support to La Posada Home. We are grateful for your selfless services.

Special thanks also goes to all interns and volunteers, whose profiles have not been put up here. We have you at heart and equally appreciate your services.

Jessica Ayala

“I am pursuing a major in Social Work at the University of Texas at El Paso. As an intern at La Posada, my job consists of helping case workers with client management, linking clients with resources, conducting intakes and bio-psycho-social assessments, teaching small educational sessions like budgeting and other life skills, and advocating for the clients at La Posada. All this work will benefit me in the future since it enriches my experience with clients, gives me the opportunity to practice my client management skills, and gives me the chance to work with women and families which is the population that I am mostly interested in. Working with the immigrant families here at La Posada will also benefit me in my career since I plan to stay in the border where immigration issues a major concern. These hands-on experiences will enrich my competency as a social worker and will help me give a better and more efficient service to the border community.”   

“My name is Margrette Fierro. I was born in Denver, Colorado, but have lived in El Paso since I was 3 years old. I have attended the University of Phoenix for the past 4 years and will obtain my Bachelors in Human Services within the next couple of months. I feel excited to start a new journey with my degree and be able to work helping others. I chose La Posada Home for my internship experience because I wanted to learn and interact with the women, children, and staff of La Posada Home.

My first couple of weeks at La Posada Home have been about learning about the Home and the services provided to the clients. I have been organizing and filing client files. I have also shadowed the case workers during assessments. I pay close attention to how the caseworkers work and interact with the clients. I have also prepared PowerPoint presentations and conducted workshops on topics that benefit the clients. I look forward to continuing with the program in the following weeks and learn as much as I can from this experience.

My goal is to continue with my education and learn as much as I can before I finish the program this year. I want to continue to learn from my field experience and the professionals I have met during this experience. I will pursue a Master’s degree within the next couple of years. My long-term goal is to become a school counselor and provide the needed assistance to students.”

 Tayn Pedraza

“I was born in Puerto Rico, but have been in El Paso since 2010 when the military brought us to Fort Bliss. I have been attending University of Phoenix since 2015, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Human Service with a concentration on Family and Children. I will finish my Bachelor’s degree by the end of the year and I plan to continue with my Master’s degree in Social Work at New Mexico State University. I choose La Posada Home for my internship because I have a passion for helping women and children.

Throughout the time I have spent at La Posada Home, I have learned many skills that I will use in the future as a professional. The counselor has taught me communications skills, how to work with clients’ files, how to create a service plan for the clients, and about the programs the organization offers to the residents. I have had the opportunity to interact with the women and children from the shelter as well. Also, I started doing workshops with the women on how to be successful in the job market. Currently, I am working on four presentations that are intended to benefit the residents in the future. My goal with this workshop is to be able to help the residents to be successful in their job search and interviews.

My goal at La Posada Home, Inc. is to absorb as much as I can and to take advantage of the opportunities I am exposed to for my future career. My short-term goal is to finish my Bachelors by November and start my Master’s degree by the beginning of next year.”

Georgina Perales 

“I am pursuing a major in Social Work at New Mexico State University. The type of work I am doing in my internship at La Posada Home is direct practice. This means I am engaging with clients on daily basis and working with them face to face to solve the challenges they are facing. I assist with finding the resources clients’ need. I also assist with case management which entails conducting intakes, service plans, weekly check-ins, and exit forms.

This internship is beneficial to my career because it provides me the practice I need to be able to work with clients of diverse backgrounds. This experience has showed me that there are many options for me as a social worker. It has also exposed me to the kind of work I will be doing when I graduate and set foot into the professional world. ”



Joseph Anthony

“I am currently pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in Human Services at the University of Phoenix. After my bachelor’s degree, I plan on pursuing a Master’s degree in Social Work at UTEP. My career goal is to work with either battered women, the homeless, or immigrants and eventually establish my own agency or shelter which is why I chose to do my internship at La Posada.

Throughout my time at La Posada, I have learned a great deal about organizational skills and interacting directly with clients. I have also improved my communication skills in Spanish. I have had the opportunity to conduct an interview with a client in Spanish and helped her to secure a safety plan. I have also helped maintain clients’ files and ensure their paperwork is organized and up to date. Working with the women and children at La Posada provides me the opportunity to expand my knowledge about the field of Human Services so that I can be better prepared for the work I plan to do in future.”


Heather Patrick

“I am pursuing my Bachelors in Human Services with a concentration in Family and Children at the University of Phoenix. My career goal is to work with Child Protective Services and eventually become a child psychologist. I chose La Posada Home as the site of my internship because I wanted to interact with local women and their children who have been victims of abuse.

Throughout the first couple of weeks I have been overviewing and organizing client files and learning about the different resources the home provides for the clients. For examples, one of the resources available for clients is assisting with their savings and explaining the importance of saving money. When I exit La Posada Home after my fifteen weeks of internship, I plan on using the information and knowledge I have obtained to better my skills as a Human Services provider.”

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